Here is why you should partner with Afoodi
Access Wider
Customer Base
Reach new customers in geographical locations you have never ventured before. Further reach will generate more revenue, hence, more growth.
Access to Largest
Delivery Fleet
Build business on your terms with our support and the largest bank of delivery partners at your access. We help you thrive in what you do.
Insights on Your
Receive instant feedback and customer experience reviews. Direct actionable responses can trigger a positive experience for the customer.
Aid Small
Achieve brand awareness and extended growth with our easy-to-access dashboard, which can provide customer tastes and preferences.
Our simple 3-step
onboarding process:
Simple Form Submission Fill a form with your basic details so we can get in touch with you.
Background Check & Approval To ensure safety standards we employ a quick background check and provide you approval.
Earn Money Attend an educational orientation session, download the app and get ready to be a working partner.
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