How Hyperlocal Food Delivery is Changing the Lives of Foreign Students?

What comes to your mind when we say Atlanta? Coca-Cola. Yes, the city is known as the land of Coca-Cola, and its secret formula is guarded in the safety vault of a bank. But today, let’s talk about the not-so-secret opportunity to make extra cash which is exclusively available in Atlanta!

Among the most thrilling parts of a student’s life is studying abroad. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to travel, make some new friends, learn a foreign language, plus, of course, receive a world-class education from prestigious institutes like the University of Atlanta.

Migrating to another country, on the other hand, is not always a smooth transfer, and there are obstacles to overcome. Problems such as language barrier, student loans, culture shock, no emotional support from family and friends, and even limited budget often affect the experience which leaves them homesick within days of moving to a new area.

That is why a major proportion of these students start looking for part-time jobs after moving to a foreign country. In addition to the extra income that helps them manage their expenses and pay their debts over the course of their academic stay, a part-time job can also open doors for socialising, getting to know the city, and keeping themselves busy building a life.

Moreover, employers often prefer to recruit individuals who have prior job experience since they already understand work ethics, punctuality, and other important skills that are important as an employee. Work experience also demonstrates that you are a hard-working person and that you are skilled at multitasking because you manage time to work and study simultaneously.

Not only does early work help them accumulate long-term savings, but it also teaches them financial awareness at a pretty young age. This means they will have improved budgetary and finance management abilities when they are older, escaping mountains of debt!

However, due to the pandemic, conventional part-time work like working in a cafe, call centers, or grocery stores and numerous other opportunities were no more to avail. Since most of these services were non-essential businesses, the Government regulations required them to shut down or cut down operations to prevent the escalation and spread of infection.

One work opportunity that’s more conducive to students is that of delivery of essential services such as grocery, food, medicines, etc. Therefore, many students started working as delivery operators with food delivery services, picking up orders from restaurants and delivering them at the customer’s doorsteps. Afoodi, a hyperlocal food delivery service in Atlanta, is giving this opportunity to students around the area.

Since hyperlocal delivery services run within small areas that stretch only to a couple of miles, most of the students could find local work not too far from their residence and thus, do not waste a lot of time traveling to and from the restaurants and the delivery locations.

Another aspect that one might get worried about is safety while collecting and delivering services and the chances of getting in contact with the virus. However, at Afoodi, we take care of all the safety precautions. from the packaging of food to handling it to the delivery person. Also, while delivering the food, one can leave the package at the door and not get in proximity of the customer.

Become an Afoodi Vroomer and you’ll get to know Atlanta better – know the people, learn the culture and get a sense of the way of life here.

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